Real Music for Real People

InVision Multimedia, Inc. is very proud to announce its highlight artist for this month, J.Kelly.

Born and raised in the capital city of the Sunshine State, J.Kelly’s music is shedding light on the truth and serving it to the masses. Good music is hard to come across, but real music is an even bigger rarity. This is a true artist who is using his talents to redefine the standards of quality music by combining beautiful music with powerful and positive lyricism.

At the impressionable age of five, J. Kelly (born Jonathan Kelly) had no idea that the piano classes his mother made him take would be one of the greatest gifts he had ever received. Coming from a family with no real musical or artistic background, J.Kelly found that he surprisingly had a real knack for music. It wasn’t until the 9th grade that he began participating in freestyle battles with his peers and dabbling in the art of lyricism. When his dreams of professional athleticism didn’t pan out for him, in 2009 J. Kelly decided to begin focusing all of his energy into his hidden talent. What started as just an outlet to relieve stress would soon turn into something much more.

“I wanted to do something that I love to do that people will really benefit from,” the artist states about the pursuit of his musical career, “and my goal is to make music that anybody, no matter what situation, can relate to.”

The content of his music is centered on real people and real situations, not the façade or perception that most mainstream artists are meant to sell. His tone demands your attention and has you clinging to every word and hanging on to every phrase. His organic approach makes the music he makes and his artistic persona equally relatable and within reach to the average person. After listening to some of his greater singles such as Believe and Grind Now, you can truly hear who his earlier influences are in his ability to spit with a flow that slightly mimics Tupac’s deep straight-forward flow with a Rubik’s cube twist that poetically speaks to you resembling Nas.

What is he up to now? J. Kelly is currently ramping up his repertoire in hopes to release his next upcoming project in Spring/Summer of 2016. For now we suggest you check out “Grind Now”, an anthem reminding us all to stay true to our dreams so we can ‘grind now to ball later’.


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