Selling Your Story: Branding Techniques for the Young Entrepreneur (Intro)

Story telling is an ancient art form. From the caveman writing on the wall, Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Bible and even our own [American] history; stories share time and experiences from one person to the next. Some people tend to get lost in the logistics and legalities of starting their own business or venture, and forget the one thing that ties them directly to their consumer: A CONNECTION. This Thursday, May 14th I will be presenting a portion of my branding workshop series with the Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneurs Council in Tallahassee, FL at the Downtown LeRoy Collins Public Library. This creative workshop will focus on Brand Story Telling. We will be going over the basic essentials of business branding and how to write a compelling brand story that captures and engages your target audience. Join us for an evening of learning and networking with other like-minded young professionals and eager entrepreneurs.

YEC May Branding SeminarPost workshop I will be posting clips and informative tid-bits from the workshop for those who miss it.


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