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Indecision, Indecision, Indecision – How being indecisive can inadvertently affect your future

We’ve all seen those viral memes on the internet that hilariously depict the negative affect a women’s indecision on where to eat can have on her relationship. I know first-hand just how tedious and annoying that argument can get. Through that laughter I found genuine honesty. I like to call these moments my “come to Jesus moment”. The lightbulb turns on, my eyes are open slightly wider than normal, and I normally have some type of expression of despair or even fright plastered on my face. Yes – I Am Woman, I Am A Professional, I Am Multicultural, I Am INDECISIVE A.F.

In life, we have been granted the beautiful gift of choice. It’s true, some of the most miniscule tasks and decisions tend to become real nail-biting moments for me. What to cook for dinner? Should I wear heels or flats? Dress or pants? Should I blog about something funny or informative? The Butterfly Effect had a real traumatizing impact on me. Every decision I make has a direct impact on the rest of my life. If I choose a dress over pants, that completely changes the course of my day…and my life.

I’ll openly admit that I’ve struggled with indecision for most of my young adulthood. I’ve always envied those who never think twice and can answer Yes/No at the drop of a hat. Where here I am, weighing the pro’s and con’s, fully evaluating whether I really want to split the chicken nachos as an appetizer at dinner. After some self-reflection and evaluation, I began to uncover the area’s in my life where indecision was posing a threat to my attempt at success. I’ve always been a hard-worker and go-getter, determined to do all I can do no matter what. So why would I let something as silly as indecision impact my future? Most importantly, why would I allow the opportunity for indecision to distract me from my passions?

Practicality and Indecision:

I am one who considers myself extremely practical. I’m a minimalist in many senses, and I don’t like investing time and energy into the unnecessary. When faced with a decision, one of my initial reactions is to ask myself “Is this practical for my lifestyle right now?”. I never realized that by asking myself that question I was automatically putting myself in a box. Practicality can be molded to fit your means however necessary. Playing it safe is great, but there’s no true reward in that. The bigger the risk, the more opportunity for reward, and sometimes being practical can hold you back from that.

Stability and Indecision:

A little bit over a year ago, I was in a position where my pursuit for stability was dancing with my indecision. I was employed at a job that I LIKED, doing somewhat of what I LOVED, but not able to fully support myself and family. I feared that if I left I would completely regret it. For several months I searched for a legitimate excuse to stay at my job, but I knew I was causing myself more stress and that honestly, my work had more value than what I was currently receiving. I left this job for a brief period to work a ‘sales’ job. Biggest mistake of my life (or so I thought). Turns out, that after I left my previous job another firm had set their eyes on me and my experience, offering a better position with better pay. Not to mention it was an opportunity of a lifetime. If I hadn’t taken the risk to leave that other job, I would never have had the opportunity to be where I am today. It’s important to create your own stability. Don’t allow indecision to prevent you from taking a chance on an opportunity for yourself.

Creativity and Indecision:

A recipe for disaster. Indecision has no place where creativity dwells. The minute you allow indecision to enter a creative thought, you are putting out your own light. If the entrance of indecision creates doubt, you are denying what creativity evolves from: instinct. We’ve heard it time and time again, “follow your gut”, and you should do just that. Go with your creative instinct, and don’t give another thought to your indecision.

It’s a daily project to consistently work on my battle with indecision, and I will continue to try and answer with what my heart and mind tell me is right. My advice to you is to follow your passions, listen to your ‘gut’ and intuition, and don’t spend too much of your time trying to make a decision. Sometimes the greatest rewards come from a whimsical leap of faith.


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