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Nat King Lam Paves the way for Producers as a Creative Chameleon

 There are hundreds, if not thousands of songs and instrumentals being released through free-streaming sites by the hour. It is always extremely refreshing when you come across a producer that not only thoughtfully puts together an assortment of sick beats, but is also capable of laying his own lyrics on the track to truly bring the songs to life. 

With a keen ability to maintain a low-key profile, the up and coming producer is definitely no amateur. With several years of music production and engineering experience under his belt, the artist honed in on his newfound talent of songwriting and lyricism through repeated frustrations.

​“I just got tired of not finding a [hip hop] artist to commit to a project. I love making music, in fact I spend every chance I get trying to make music and take pride in making a unique and different sound. So, I decided to just record the songs on my own and do some freestyling. I’ll keep doing that until I can find an artist who can really do the beats justice or who can go harder than what I did with them.”- Nat King Lam

The producer has definitely given eager independent artists a run for their money. Nat King Lam is the producer for the Hip Hop Music Library (HHML), which is a hip hop music catalog that is available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing for television, film and advertising professionals. The music released by Nat King Lam is considered hip hop, but stands in its own unique category of contemporary sound. When listening to tracks like “Dust to Dust” or “Dark Side of the Moon” you can hear new age and futuristic sounds and rhythms, that are combined with an old-school melodic, and almost jazzy-feel to it. Whether he is singing melodies, or calling for your attention with his raps, Nat King Lam captures the listeners attention with words that enlighten and encourage all at once. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have songs for those who just want to kick back or get lit. He does however, say everything he has to say in a way that engages the listener from start to finish.

The diversity of each song makes you want to listen to all ten tracks from beginning to end. In fact, at the end of each song you cannot even try to expect what sounds, styles and flows are to come next. Nat King Lam is on the rise to become more than just a double threat as a songwriter and producer; he is leading the way towards a new world of art as a creative chameleon. You can listen to all of the tracks on Nat King Lam or purchase Memories of the Grind hereAlso, make sure to follow him on Twitter @NatKingLam


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