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Maggie Rogers takes us to Alaska

Just a few short weeks ago, footage of a rough version of a young woman’s song leaving Pharrell Williams speechless during an NYU masterclass went viral. Today, the entire world is able to partake on the same lyrical journey Maggie Rogers took Skateboard P on while playing her song Alaska. Rogers was able to combine an almost ethereal sounds and melodies with rough, earthy sounds and rhythms to compel the type of emotions most people conceal until they are completely alone. Her songwriting in Alaska walks the listener through what is almost a rebirth into a new self, while the supporting music uses sounds that you can almost touch and feel – sounds that make you feel colors. In fact, the lyrics bring you there in the physical, a healing journey through the rural canvas of Alaska.


Her previous repertoire is made up of folk-like songs and ballads, whereas Alaska  encompasses dance music and natural, organic sounds all in one. It takes a certain kind of sound, a certain kind of artist to make the person on the other end want to cry, run, and blissfully dance at the same time. The viral video with Pharrell seemed to be the catalyst for Maggie Roger’s music career, and we can only hope that she will continue to move us through her music in the future. Below is a link to Roger’s Alaska on SoundCloud, written and co-produced by the artist. Please feel free to leave your comments/thoughts on the up and coming artist’s new song.


Maggie Rogers – Alaska